4 Creative Ways to Inspire Employees

4 Creative Ways to Inspire Employees

Running a business should never be a dictatorship. Because your employees bear the brunt of the work that results in your operational efficiency, productivity, and brand success, it’s a good idea to show them that you genuinely care. And to make work-life into a more organic and positive experience, it’s important to inspire employees.

Here are some methods to inspire your employees and creative positive work experience for them:

Creative Hours

Give your employees not only a voice but a platform to express themselves. Many businesses allow for scheduled creative time, The enables employees to brainstorm, share ideas, or even work on side projects that interest them. This is a great way to inspire your own employees. It also shows a willingness to listen and respect their feedback.

Contests (With Prizes!)

Everyone enjoys a good bit of friendly competition, and your employees are surely no different. Why not invigorate their work lives with a bit of excitement and fun? Try to come up with a sort of location-wide competition that engages everyone equally. Again,encouraging creativity is a great way to do this. Motivate them with recognition for their hard work along the way, as well as a fun prize for the winner. Be sure to give away consolation prizes to all who participate as well, so that way nobody feels left out or insignificant.

Advancement Opportunities

Raises and promotions are a tricky business. It all depends on how balanced your company’s budget is, how hard the employee in question is working, and whether it is logistically or financially feasible to advance them. However, if you can swing it, go for it. No employee is going to be inspired to remain in a position that delivers the same wages, position responsibilities and work atmosphere for years. It is important to recognize that you see the potential in those who do their best. Inspire them by acknowledging their value.

Consider the Working Environment

Are you employing people to vanish amidst a sea of grey cubicles in a grey-walled building with only fluorescent lighting, draining the life out of them? This is a dangerous thing to do in any business, as it saps creativity, motivation, energy, and employee satisfaction. Consider modernizing your workplace to be more colorful, vibrant, energetic and inspirational. Even consider smaller details such as plants and lighting. As much natural light as possible can go a long way, as can setting up open workspaces to encourage interaction between employees.

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. And it’s a good idea to keep it flowing healthily through the veins of your company. By inspiring employees through a variety of unique methods, you can turn any work environment into somewhere more than where employees simply make a paycheck.

Eddie Chu, Owner of Qualicare Ottawa. See Eddie Chu's full bio here.