How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Customers

How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Customers

When it comes to maintaining your business image in a certain light, customer feedback is the most important thing of all. It drives sales through increased traffic via word-of-mouth, social media engagement and other factors. Having useful data can in fact make a major difference when it comes to increasing your growth, driving traffic, and encouraging more income.

Here are a few key ways to get more feedback:

Short, Simple Surveys

Most web users don’t want to scroll through hundreds of words of content. The same principle needs to be seriously applied to your surveys. Try to keep questions short – in number and sentence length. After all, you don’t want the user to misunderstand what you mean with a paragraph-length question or introduction to your survey. Single-page, basic surveys are the ideal way to go. But don’t forget to leave a spot where they can leave feedback that is more useful and detailed.

Publicly Address Issues Raised on Social Media

Is someone leaving a scathing comment on your business’ Facebook page? If this sounds familiar, it is imperative that you work to make it right. And not just so the user in question has their issue resolved. Reply to the comment politely, attentively and with absolute respect. Make it clear that you appreciate the feedback and genuinely want to resolve the issue. Otherwise, not replying to it in a way that helps mitigate the tension can spell certain trouble. Others with similar experiences who haven’t spoken out may jump on the hate bandwagon. And you’ll have a social media crisis on your hands that can damage the reputation of your business.

Send a Single, Personalized Survey Reminder to Customers

Once a client or customer has received your product or services, it is the time to make use of their experience. Send out one (and only one) personalized email encouraging them to leave feedback on a reviews page or fill out a survey. This shows them that you appreciate their useful, detailed input. Additionally, it show that you  want to improve your day-to-day operations by identifying any problem areas. Even better, gently provide an incentive. It could be a future discount to motivate them. However, be sure not to make it a very loud and desperate-looking offer.

Feedback, good or bad, can be useful if the right approach is taken to encourage it from customers in the first place. You want to inspire them to feel that they are genuinely appreciated. And that their input makes a significant impact, and that you truly rely on their patronage.

Demonstrating professionalism and respect towards users and customers  shows  good business behavior and motivates them to leave more detailed remarks.

Kershan Bulsara is the Manager of Roofmaster. See Kershan Bulsara's full bio here.