7 Must-Have Tools for Marketers

7 Must-Have Tools for Marketers

Marketing has never been as easy and as difficult as today. With the help of the internet, millions of potential customers are only a mouse click away – for you and your competitors. Marketers all targeting the same customers. Not exactly your dream scenario.

You need to stand out from the crowd. And it’s key to help people find their way through the massive information overload to your digital doorstep.

If you start attacking the internet manually, you will quickly get lost in never-ending tasks. Updating your social media accounts will take hours, not to mention designing and executing email campaigns, analyzing visitor data, creating and uploading SEO-friendly content and so on.

Here are 7 marketing tools designed to help businesses who don’t have all day to look after their digital presence.


Search engine optimization is one of the most important tasks for today’s marketers.

SEMRush allows you to track keywords on both organic and paid traffic, as well as social media posts and PR content. With SEMRush, you can discover what kind of content works best on your website and social media platforms, collect mentions (whenever you brand name is mentioned on the internet), monitor your competitors’ online activities, and much more.

SEMRush offers four packages, starting at $99.95 per month. Although it’s not exactly cheap, you get quite a few perks for your investment, including traffic, domain, and keyword analytics.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the better-known tools that helps you analyze your website’s traffic and visitor behavior. It’s free version is well-suited to the needs of small businesses, and gives you all the necessary insight into what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to go a bit further, try Crazy Egg. Creating a “heatmap” of your website, Crazy Egg tells you exactly what your visitors are doing on your website, and for how long. The tool is an immense help for creating and positioning content.

Crazy Egg offers four packages starting at just $29 a month.

Content Creation

Now that you know what to put where, it’s time to actually create the content. Writing engaging content for your audience is the best way to attract more customers organically.

Google Trends is a free service that lets you know what topics are currently trending. You can narrow your search according to region and categories.

But, targeting millennials is quite different from targeting middle-aged gardeners. Different target markets have different interests. For essential tips, read our article How Small Businesses Should Market to Millennials.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your sales. With MailChimp, you can automate your email marketing campaigns to reach thousands of subscribers with just one click.

This easy to use platform allows you to create eye-catching emails without any previous experience in web design. MailChimp has three subscription packages, and the lowest one is free.

Social Media Management

While social media is immensely helpful for marketers, keeping track of all your accounts is a gargantuan task. HootSuite lets you manage your social media presence through one platform. You can update your accounts, reply to comments, and monitor your traffic via your dashboard.

HootSuite offers three packages starting at $19 per month.


Retargeting is one of the best ways to convert visitors who left your website before buying anything, into customers. These retargeting services send ads from previously viewed websites after visitors who abandoned the site, constantly reminding them of the products they’ve seen.

AdRoll is one of these platforms, buying you more time and exposure to potential customers. AdRoll has four packages starting at $300 a month.


Automating your business doesn’t have to stop at marketing. There are many tools that help you streamline your business tasks and increase efficiency. The possibilities are numerous: Xero for accounting, Veem for international payments, and Halo for supply chain management are just a few examples of the useful tools at your disposal.

The world of digital marketing is highly competitive. However, with the right tools and attitude, you can make sure you stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience.

Marwan Forzley is the founder and CEO of Veem, a global business payment platform. See Marwan Forzely's full bio here.